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Meet the Loft Report Team

Courtney Jackson


Courtney is a seasoned writer and loft conversion expert, known for her engaging style and practical advice. Drawing from hands-on industry experience, she covers topics from design to project management. Courtney is a trusted voice, inspiring homeowners to transform their loft.

Tony Craig


Tony is an accomplished writer and digital marketer with 12 years of loft conversion expertise, serves as editor of Loft Report. Known for his in-depth knowledge, engaging writing style, and dedication to accurate, up-to-date info, Tony helps homeowners make informed decisions on design, construction, and costs.

rhys graham


An experienced writer specialising in loft conversions, Rhys focuses on building regulations and planning issues. With a comprehensive online portfolio, he’s known for delivering informative, engaging content to homeowners and professionals. Committed to research, Rhys simplifies complex topics for readers.

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